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Thread: Online word games in Russian

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    Online word games in Russian

    I waste some time for everyday playing here...

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    More games and self-tests, high quality - there seems to be no questionable words (argo, dialects etc.), and texts appear to be meticulously proofread:

    I am reminded a story involving one of the games from that site that once happened to me, so here goes

    Of Cabbage and of Spellchecking

    At one of my former places of work, back in Russia, we had Балда installed on the network. When one composed a word not in its database, the program prompted whether to add it. It was interesting because many people contributed to its lexicon.

    My coworker sat at another table in the room. He looked completely submerged at work while I was taking a break fighting the program. By that time, its vocabulary grew so impressively large that it was quite hard to beat it! I placed the word "капуста" (cabbage) - 7 letters, very good, maybe I was going to win at last! Suddenly, the program prompted to add the word to the database! "How could it be that it does not 'know' such a basic word?", I wondered, hitting the Yes button...

    In less that three minutes, my completely submerged fellow bugged his eyes out, looking as if his computer just punched him in the nose, and bellowed, "Какая еще к чертям 'капутса'?!!" (what the hell is that smth.)

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