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    Funny comment

    RUSSIA has been shooting at things. It's got a new missile - the RS24, which sounds a bit like the old Ford Escort RS Turbo but not as good.
    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday featuring multiple warheads which can overcome missile defense systems, the defense Ministry said.

    A ministry spokesman said the RS-24 missile was fired from a mobile launcher at 1020 GMT from the Plesetsk cosmodrome about 800 km (500 miles) north of Moscow.

    Less than an hour later, Russia's Strategic Missile Forces command said the missile had hit its targets at the Kura test site on the sparsely inhabited far eastern peninsula of Kamchatka to the north of Japan.

    Sounds just terrific. But these are early days in the missile's development and to prevent an international incident and the murder of foreign nationals, Anorak recommends that Russia sticks with the poisoned sushi...for now...

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    А они там с чувством юмора...
    «И всё, что сейчас происходит внутре — тоже является частью вселенной».

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