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Thread: Help with transliterating church music

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    Help with transliterating church music

    I am a music director at a church in the US. Three families at the church I work at have recently adopted Russian orphans. I would like to help the children feel a little more involved in the church service by transliterating the common service music for them. (As I can't imagine how boring it is for the kids to sit in an hour service with no way to participate... it's hard enough for me and I understand the words!)

    By transliterating, I mean take the English words and write what they sound like in the Russian. Ex: ("Praise" written as "прэс").

    Can anyone help me out or point me to the right direction? I studied Russian for a year in college, but I'm finding I remember less of it that I thought I would.

    As a side note, for several years (even before there were any Russian speakers in the congregation), I have made the choir sing "Salvation is Created" by Chesnokov in Russian. I am planning on adding more Russian literature to the choral library (Rachmaninoff's "All Night Vigil" being the first) as well.

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    Russian Orphans


    Appreciate your zest with trying to do this. How old are the kids? I have adopted two children from Russia (4 yr old and then later a 7 yr old). I learned just enough russian to help the 4 yr old adapt. I learned even more russian so I was able to talk with the 7 yr old. I used the same method to teach them english - it only took about 8 months. I never used russian letters to help the 7 yr old pronounce english words. I thought about it - but I decided to teach the english alphabet and played games with her to learn the english equivalent of russian words. It really works. I think that using the russian letters for english pronunciation would be difficult and might confuse them and or keep them from learning english quickly. There are a few english sounds that have no equivalent in russian. I teach russian to couples that want to adopt from russia and I use english phonetics with them. It took me awhile to create the right combinations of english letters to mimic the russian sound but it worked out just fine. I tell each adoptive couple to immerse their kids in english - school, games, anyway they can. They learn quickly. I don't know of any lanquage program that uses russian letters to teach english to kids. Sorry about the long post - bottom line - teach them english quickly and they will surprise you. Feel free to have the parents contact me for additional information.

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    Jabs, Спасение соделал еси.... I used to sing in Slavyanka chorus and this is one of the first pieces I learned. Same Chesnokov version, too!

    Praise would be прэйз , but otherwise not enough free time to help with the translit. Good luck in your endeavor!

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    I think that it is a great idea to play Russian hymns in church. They (in my opinion) far outshine Ameri/English hymns in beauty and originallity. The kids 'll love 'em.
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    Jabs, I think zakuski has a nice point on solving your situation but if it happens that you do need some transliteration---just post what you want to be transliterated here, and we will help you.
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