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Thread: ко́лледж или колле́дж

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    ко́лледж или колле́дж

    What is the correct pronunciation?

    In Russia do you have colleges (lower level than universities)?
    How you would translate the expression: music college (for professional musicians).
    What kind of music schools do you have in Russia?
    Do you call them academies or conservatories?

    Also do you have sport academies according to the USA standards (e.g. for hockey players etc).?

    Please enlight me!
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    The correct pronunciation is ко́лледж.

    Colleges in Russia are not necessarily lower in level than universities, but usually rather vocational or field-specific, many times even belonging to universities. This includes music colleges (в общем "музыкальные колледжи" или "высшие музыкальные учебные заведения"). There are a number of such schools in Russia, and many are, indeed, called conservatories.

    As for sports academies/universities with international standards, one example is Российский государственный университет физической культуры, спорта, молодёжи и туризма (ГЦОЛИФК).
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    I only knew our uchilishche, and now it turned out to be also college! As you can see however, they don't provide high education, i.e. are certainly lower below a university.

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