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Thread: Russian Presentation in School: Rural vs Urban Russia

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    Russian Presentation in School: Rural vs Urban Russia

    Hi guys, I'm going to be doing a powerpoint presentation on Rural vs Urban life in Russia, and rather than search all about the topic around the internet, creating a patchwork of information, I thought that I would just ask Russians themselves!

    This will be a simple compare and contrast presentation. Here are some prompt questions to get you going on a response.

    What percentage of the population lives in rural/urban areas in RF? And what ethnicities live where? RF is something like 80% ethnic Russian, do most non ethnic Russians live in rural areas?

    What are the different quality of life levels in Rural and Urban Russia?
    What are the Educational level differences in rural and urban Russia?
    How did rural Russia adjust when the USSR collapsed? And does the Majority of support for Russia's communist party come from rural russia? Moreover, specifically on this subject, I have heard that alcoholism in rural russia is especially bad, is this true?

    Pictures and other multimedia in your responses are wholly welcome.

    Thank you everyone, I think it is an interesting topic to delve into.

    Привет всем.Я сделаю презентацию в школе о сельской и городской жизни в России.

    Это очень лёгкую презентацию. Мне бы нравится, если несколько Русские помогите меня с этой презентации.
    У меня несколько вопросы, чтобы помочь вам с ответом моих просьбы.

    Расскажите мне о качестве жизни с городской и с сельской земля в РФ.
    Есть различные образование уровни в сельской и городской РФ?
    В какие различные пути регулировали сельские и городские земли, после СССР?
    Есть много поддержка за КПРФ в сельскую Россию?
    Притом, мне хотелось научить много о остром алкоголизм в РФ, а если это хуже в сельской
    Россию, или это похоже с городской Россия.


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    I'm pretty sure that all your quesitons were already answered in one way or another.
    Visit travel and tourism section as well as Russian cities and browse through the topics.
    As of 2010 there was about 73% of urban population:

    Russian population consists roughly of Russians although there are about 150 different ethnic groups.

    Generally, life standards are lower in rural areas and get higher in local towns, then even higher in regional centers upto the highest in St. Petersburgh and Moscow.
    There are 3 levels of education: School, Professional college and University.
    Schools are mandatory and there is usually a school of sorts in any place any noticeable group of people live. Of course education quality is higher in bigger cities although there is a common educational standard.
    Many rural areas vere literally depopulated after the collapse of the Soviet Union. People moved to cities where jobs were.
    I don't think CPRF has great support in rural areas. Rurals quite often support Putin and everything associated with him (United Russia party). There are some supporters but not very many of them. Rurals being 'redder' is a myth.
    Alcoholism IS a problem in areas where there are no jobs, no money, etc.

    P.S. Lampada: I think this topic should be moved out of 'Politics'
    Send me a PM if you need me.

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    I think toilets are the main difference between rural and urban Russia.

    This is the toilet we had in village:

    This is the toilet we had in city:

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