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Thread: Russian Empire colour photos

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    Russian Empire colour photos

    It turned out that russian photographer Prokudin-Gorskiy invented a method of making colour photos and made them A LOT in 1907-1915. But actually it were tripple negatives, which eventually came to the library of Congress, and only recently they were made real pictures again.
    The link is
    There are some examples of it.
    There is also entire collection link, where you may download b/w triple positives. I downloaded one of them and made the cool colour photo myself in an image editor (although it was jpg-file and not bif tiff).

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    That's interesting. I wonder why he wasn't credited for invention of color photograph?
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    Probably the same reason Popov and Tesla aren't given much credit but Marconi and Edison are: good scientists, but poor businessmen.

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