Moscow Mayor Luzkov about Russia's sovereignty

The revival has caused "breaking" in the West

In the West The fear of communists, "the word revoloution", and the USSR was replaced by admiration about "the peresroyka down to ruins" at the end of 80s and anarchy and untimeliness of the state in 90s. The admiration was redoubled with unrestricted nearly free access for the West to Russian resources.

As soon as Russia had begun getting over, the westren euphoria from the weakness of the formerly great state power turned into "breaking" that showed itself as agression to Russia.

Methods of forced "democratization" may ruin the USA

Today the West is taking after the experience of the former Soviet Union, "that used to try to pull some countries from pheodalism or even a tribal society order right into communism". However, this time ideas of democracy were proclamed.

Nevertheless, in terms of new democracy missioners democracy is implied not as people power, but as US control over other countries; hereout, method of forced democratization separate countries or even of regions of the planet. Hereout the legend about supreme mission of the USA also comes, the mission about democracy planting.

At the same time, the far side of the power interference of the US in internal affears of countries may prove to be pernicious for the USA itself. Making agressive methotds as a cult, the US does not settle new rules of the game. This is the well-known "Jugnle Law" where the strongest wins regardless the methods they use for it.

Playing by these rules, the US beat the piliticals elites pf Iraq, Aphganistan, Yugoskavia and other countries which armies could not compete with American military forces. However, as the 9/11 dramma has shown, there are organizations which power exceeds the power of the US. These organizations also play by the rules imposed by the US and sometimes they beat America.

Therefore, by propagation the agressive repartition of the spheres of influence, the United States itself opens the way for terrorism, that in fact is the distillation of ideas and methods of the USA, that the US's tried out in sovereign counties. Analitics say the 9/10 forces the US to look back at their internal problems. Or else while continuing their world expansion, one day the US militries afer they have captured a new country will find that they have no home to return.

Russa will defend its sovereignty

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The right to uniqueness of democacy

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Russa is able to make an alternative to the EU

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