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    While it seems that the overall organization of the Chechen militias has decreased, small individual actions, particularly those in neighboring provinces, seem to be on the rise.

    Police hit by deadly Ingushetia blasts
    Explosions have killed at least two people and injured 28 during a police search of a derelict house in Russia's troubled southern region of Ingushetia.
    Police had gone to investigate reports of an improvised explosive device planted in the building. Officials say a police officer and a civilian were killed.
    Observers say the incident appears to be part of a violent campaign pitting Islamist insurgents and other militants against the pro-Moscow authorities.
    The violence also affects Ingushetia's North Caucasus neighbours Chechnya and Dagestan.
    What do Russians think of all of this? Have any of you ever been to such places as Dagestan, North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, or Stavropol? If so, how bad are things? And does the population in those provinces agree with the independence movements or do they simply tolerate them out of necessity, or even resent the terrorists? It seems to me that "Sharia" would not be a desirable thing.

    Also, do Muslim men from the Russian Caucusus have the obligatory military service, or are they exempt?

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    Re: Insurgency

    I used to travel frequently to Stavropol, North Ossetia and Dagestan (on business) but it's been in the period 1999-2003 during the second Chechen campaign so it was very close to the war zone - there were many military people around there and generally I felt very uneasy there.
    But I've learned the one thing there - the image of some small nation fighting for independence is a myth. The majority of the so called 'rebels' consited of seasoned mercenaries from all parts of the world: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Tukey, Saudi Arabya, Libya, Georgia, Iran, etc. They got paid for being there and paid very well. Of course there were Chechen, Dagestanian, Ingush and other people there, even mercenaries from Ukraine, Baltic states and even ethnic Russians.
    My experience there shows that even Caucasian ethnicities weren't holding Chechens in high regard claiming they were untrustworthy and treachery people to everyone who was not of their own clan. Moreover, even within Chechnya itself there is an ongoing clan war where Chechens are fighting Chechens.
    Nevertheless, when I was a student I knew several Chechens who were in my group and I can't say I disliked them or noticed the traits the people in Dagestan were telling me about their nationality.
    They kept together most of the time, but they weren't all that evil and I didn't notice any malice in them.

    I just want to set this straight - nobody in Caucasus except for some high-ranked thugs backed up by some very serious money really want independence. No republic can survive independently there. The very instant they separate (even if Russia would let them go) they would be annexed by one or several neighboring states.
    An independent and sovereign state can function independently, maintain its own economy, army, infrastructure, etc. We're speaking about impossibilities here.
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    Re: Insurgency

    Quote Originally Posted by Marlow
    What do Russians think of all of this?
    A Russian think the roots lead to Moscow. Кому - война, а кому - мать родна.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marlow
    Also, do Muslim men from the Russian Caucusus have the obligatory military service, or are they exempt?
    While we pay bribes here in Moscow to avoind serving in the army, they pay bribes there in Caucasus to be enlisted (Local adminisatrations are unwilling to let healthy guys to go to the Army because the region will lose good workmen then). Great marasmus, isn't it?
    English Edition

    В обычных странах церковь отделена от государства, а в России - от Бога.

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