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Thread: Commies had the plan too!

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    Commies had the plan too!

    Russian people might know that in early 90s there were many publication about so called Dulles's plan (or how the capitalists were going to undermine USSR)

    Here's the link'_Plan

    This devious plan was supposedly aimed at corruption of Soviet people which would lead to the US's victory in the Cold War. In reality, as far as I know, it's no more but a hoax.

    But I've only just found out that the commies too had their own equivalent of 'da Plan'

    Here, read this: ... ments.html

    These links are added below the above mentioned text: ... agenda.htm

    So, the Amecian conspiracy theory fans have much to think of, as it appear.

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    Re: Commies had the plan too!

    Dulles's plan =) Да, жалко, что этот монолог Лахновского вошел в кино в очень сокращенном виде. Те, кто не читал книгу, купились. =)

    Тэг Видео больше не работает? =(

    Сейчас почитаю, что там буржуйские конспирологи придумали со своей стороны. =)

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    Re: Commies had the plan too!

    Haha, I'll check this out when I feel inspired...
    I'm sure you guys had a sweet little plan for my country too..

    But US intelligence has plans for everything.. All sorts of plans for taking down and undermining arch enemy number one + anyone and everyone else. The US played a terrible mind game on Sweden in the 1980s to make it more pro-Nato and anti-USSR. I feel p-d off just thinking about it.

    There is a relly funny American (would you believe!) film on this type of conspiracy theme, from the late 1990s. Called "Canadian Bacon". The director is a fellow called Michael Moore. It's nearly "prophetic" because in light of what happened after Sept 11, real events ran very similarly to what the film is parodying.

    The plot is that the US needs a major external enemy for financial reasons, but has none after the demise of the Soviet Union. One line in the film was "well terrorists would be useful, but they haven't done anything BIG yet, so we can't use them..." (something like that).

    In a funny scene, the US president tries to convince Russians of playing along with a "threat" scenario since it would benefit various internal US interests, but this is idea is turned down by the "Russians".

    After searching high and low, Canada (lol) is identified as the best "enemy" and the US leadership starts trying to build up a "Cold War with Canada" situation which leads to some hilarious situations and constitutes the main plot of the film.

    I think the real threat to America's dominance right now is more likely to be coming from China... I'm sure they'd love to be able to control it.. But in light of the US' huge debt to China I guess that anything they did to China would hurt the US too... Or?

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