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Thread: Where to go from here

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    Where to go from here


    I've been studying Russian by myself for the past four months and I don't know where to take my studies from here.
    So far I have completed all of Viktor Huliganov's Youtube courses, learned roughly 40 verbs (past, present, &future imperative), lightly covered the 6 cases, & learned ~ 450 vocabulary words.
    What I'm asking is, what should I do now?


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    Re: Where to go from here

    Learn pronouns, and then try to compose SIMPLE sentences.

    Try to go away from "Я хотеть изучать русский язык" and "Мой дом есть зелёный" to "Я хочу изучать русский язык" and "Цвет моего дома - зелёный" or "У меня зелёный дом".

    Learn basic phrases and understand "ghost verbs" like Машина красная (The car is red), Я иду (I am walking)

    I you need a personal help, there's a lot of people available in the net to help you.
    My ICQ is 595506541, if you're good in English
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    Re: Where to go from here

    Lots of things you can do.

    You should try to find at least one Russian dictionary and one textbook.

    You can go through another beginner course. One which I like and is available online for free is this one from the State Dept.: ... ge=Russian

    I also like the vocabulearn audio materials. They are great for building vocabulary and you can learn at your own pace.

    Find some Russian speakers who live near you and practice with them.

    Watch Russian films. Listen to Russian songs.

    Look through the "getting started" thread for other ideas.

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