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Thread: To want, to with, By how?

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    To want, to with, By how?

    Could someone explain to me when I would use the imperfective, and the perfective with хотеть (Specifically past tense)? I know it's a bizarre question but I really couldn't figure it out. If you could give me examples I would seriously be eternally indebted to you.

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    I'l try to explain how I see that.
    E.g: "Вчера он хотел пойти в театр" - "Yesterday he wanted to go to theatre" - imperfective (It is not clear if this idea has come to him only yesterday)
    "Вчера он захотел пойти в театр" - "Yesterday he'd hit upon an idea to go to theatre" - perfective (Here it is clear)
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    Захотеть = начать хотеть ('to begin to want', literally). You didn't want something before and then suddenly you start to want it, a wish appears.
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