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Thread: Verbal nouns

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    Verbal nouns

    Is there a pattern method of producing a noun from a Russian verb?
    In other words, can a noun be made from (almost) any verb? Or is it unnecessary?
    This would be something similar to the English gerund noun:

    The dog's barking awoke the baby.
    My reading has improved.

    An example in Russian that may apply here:
    лаять -> лай

    Many thanks from a struggling self learner of Russian.

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    Re: Verbal nouns

    A verb and a corresponding noun are in most cases somewhat alike:
    играть - игра
    драться - драка
    петь - пение
    любить - любовь
    стучать - стук

    But still it's not a matter of adding a standard suffix or ending, so you can't just "generate" a noun and have to learn it.

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    Re: Verbal nouns

    There are three main ways to produce verbal nouns (, see below) but they are not absolute. It means that application of each way does not garantee you a correct result. You still neeed a vocabulary.

    1)при помощи суффикса -ни-е (-ани-е, -ени-е), например: бетонирование, рыхление, разгосударствление, анкетирование, вычитание, сложение, согласование, управление;
    2)при помощи суффикса -к-а, например: кладка, шпаклевка
    3)бессуффиксным способом, например: вылет, жим, обжиг, промер, сброс;
    Sometimes two or more variants exist simultaneously.
    "Россия для русских" - это неправильно. Остальные-то чем лучше?

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