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Thread: strelyat' / vystrelit' clarification needed:)

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    strelyat' / vystrelit' clarification needed:)

    hi all,

    my dictionary says that in russian the verb "to shoot" is :
    strelyat' / vystrelit' (or vystrel'nut')

    why such a far-fetched perfective form ?

    why not :
    strelyat' / vystrelyat'
    strelit' / vystrelit'

    I see that almost all the time with russian verbs, the construction of the perfective form follows one of a few rules that seem to make sense. here we have two rules (addition of a prefix+ transformation of "ya" in "i") at the same time.
    I really don't understand and even though I very well know that in every language, a few things have to be learned by heart and not understood, I'd still like to know if I missed something here.

    thanks in advance for the possible explanation
    my apartment in paris :

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    Re: strelyat' / vystrelit' clarification needed:)

    It's called "double perfectivization".

    ронять - уронить
    кусать - укусить
    сажать - посадить
    вешать - повесить

    Just memorise it. Most things in languages dont make sense and don't follow set rules.
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    Re: strelyat' / vystrelit' clarification needed:)

    Of course there should be some intuitive logic but it is not so straightforward. Get used to language and in the meantime you will feel it.
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