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Thread: Respectful plural forms

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    Respectful plural forms

    In the 4th chapter of "Мастер и Маргарита", right after the death of Berlioz, Ivan Bezdomny asks Voland to confess who he really is. Here's the passage:
    — Сознавайтесь, кто вы такой? — глухо спросил Иван.
    Иностранец насупился, глянул так, как будто впервые видит поэта, и ответил неприязненно:
    — Не понимай... русский говорить...
    Они не понимают! — ввязался со скамейки регент, хоть его никто и не просил объяснять слова иностранца.

    Now, Korovyev is supposed to speak perfect Russian. I was surprised at him referring to a single third person by plural forms.
    1-Using plural forms for second person singular is a pretty common way of showing respect in many languages. In Russian, is it also common for third person singular?
    2-What about first person? Again, you get the "Majestic We" in many languages, but is there a "Respectful we" in Russian too? In Persian, it is most common among school pupils talking to their teachers.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Respectful plural forms

    1&2 In modern Russian the only respectful form is the second plural "Вы"
    The Korovyev's use of the 3d person plural is out-of-dated, it was common in 18-19 centuries among servants when they were talking about their masters (both pronouns and verbs) : "Барыня чай пьют", "Господин полковник уехали" etc. But it wasn't at all literary or normal language and was considered a language of the lower class people. Bulgakov uses this language on purpose, to emphasize Korovyеv'v buffonary.

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