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Thread: pools of funds

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    pools of funds

    Some help here.
    An investment fund (e.g. a pension fund) is the collection of money from thousands of independent investors in one investment vehicle.
    Usually is used a simile (сравнение): a mutual fund is a "pool of funds (or money)" with the collective investment power of an institutional investor.
    Now I read the translation someone made for me and I see that he uses the word копилка. Does копилка gives you the impression that in this fund might be even $500,000,000? I think No! It sounds too small modest and innocent word to desctibe an "investing bull".
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    You are right. "Копилка" is little box with slot for putting coins inside. It is not good term for official documents.
    "pool of funds" can be "объединение средств", "совокупность накоплений", something like it.

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