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Thread: Need help with something

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    Need help with something


    I was just wondering, when speaking to someone, and they ask you a question such as
    "Did you mean me or you?"
    I understand if i wanted to say "Me" then i would say "Я"
    If i wanted to say "You" then I would say "Ты"? Is this correct?
    I understand the cases, but it's just i remember someone telling me you say "Мне/Тебе" instead of "Я/Ты" which sounds wrong.
    Anyone help?


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    This depends on how the original question was worded, therefore you have to put a Russian question in there instead of that English one. Anyway:

    - Кто должен это сделать? Я или ты?
    - О ком ты говорил? О себе или обо мне?
    - Кого ты имеешь ввиду? Меня или себя?

    etc, etc., etc.
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    It's a tricky question. Some more examples:

    Did you mean me or you? = Ты имел в виду меня или себя?

    A: I like tea. = Я люблю чай.
    B: Me too. = Я тоже.

    Come and see me tomorrow. = Заходи ко мне завтра.

    She wants me to come and see her tomorrow. = Она хочет, чтобы я зашёл к ней завтра.

    It might be that it is best for you to remember every case rather than trying and understand the rules for such cases because it is quite difficult to frame the rules
    Thanks for correcting me.

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