Several new resources for educators and students of Russian and
Russia-related fields have been made available online.

1. Popular Russian Bands is part of a larger project called "The Library"
which compiles information about Russia and Internet resources to help
students research the information further. This Library entry presents
brief bios for bands as wide ranging as pop singers, bards, rappers, Russian
alt-rock, and soviet-era popular singers. Each comes with a streaming audio
file to sample the music, a website with more information, and a link to buy
CDs of the music from a distributor in America. Go to: and scroll down to the sixth option
(clearly noted "Popular Russian Bands").

2. "Olga's Blog" is a new series of online, interactive Russian lessons.
Two to three times a month, a text written by a young, native Russian about
issues and events pertinent to Russia today will be published online. The
lessons will be glossed for vocabulary, grammar, and cultural issues by the
School of Russian and Asian Studies. The first installment, about Russian
high school, can be located here: (also
listed under "Resources" on the SRAS main menu at Learn
about today's Russia in today's Russian!

The above resources are made available for free by the School of Russian and
Asian Studies ( To subscribe to our newsletter for more
regular updates on our free services, subscribe to the SRAS newsletter by
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