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Thread: How to translate?

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    How to translate?


    I have come across this title -> Насколько сильно Вашингтону Трампа нужен Лондон.

    I'm not sure how to translate it. Especially, the bold part.

    How much (according to Washington) does London need Trump?

    Is that correct?

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    Ah, good question.

    Насколько сильно - To what extent + strong~ how strongly...
    Лондон нужен - is London needed
    Вашингтону Трампа - Trump's Washington [Notice Трамп is his name's nominative, so the genitive, meaning -'s in this case, adds the usual а] [dative у on Washington]

    How much does Trump's Washington need London?

    This sentence does have multiple moving parts. I'd recommend, whenever you see a sentence with нужен(-на, -но) in it, start from that word, find the word that "is needed", then look for a dative. Since it is an adjective in the short form, we know it will be the star role in the sentence, and everything else will fall in around it; in most sentences, the verb would take this role.
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