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Thread: How to say мощнее?

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    How to say мощнее?

    I copy it to:

    but it say washni although it should start with m.

    It's correctly? I didn't heard well? or it's unusual word?
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    No, it's a usual word, and usual pronunciation rules are used.
    The woman says "мощнее", maybe not very clear, but still distinctive enough. It's pronounced "мащнее", starting with 'M'. In fast or indistinct (or should I say natural? speech two last "ee" can be a bit jumbled, which happend here. In even faster speech "o" (which in unstressed position is pronounced more like "a") could be swallowed.

    So I guess you've heard what you wanted to hear. It takes time to get used to the sounds of the foreign language, until then you often hear something else, even when you know what people are saying.

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