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Thread: femine plural accusative animate adjectival endings

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    femine plural accusative animate adjectival endings

    Привет - could someone please help with whether the adjectival endings for feminine plural accusative is different for animate and inanimate nouns (ie whether it takes the nominative or genitive endings) or whether this disintinction only applies to male animate/inanimate nouns?

    and secondly (!!) does the verb видеть take the accusative or the genitive please?

    I think I'm getting on ok and then something throws a spanner in the works and I feel like I'm back to square one!!

    Спасибо большое!

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    That part does get fairly confusing to work out.
    The adjective is just going to match the noun, so whatever the noun is doing determines the adjective's endings.
    So, yes, they are different, because feminine nouns, in the plural, revert to the animate/inanimate--genitive/nominative accusative distinction.

    Я вижу чёрных кошек. (кошка f animate)
    Я вижу закрытые двери. (дверь f inanimate)

    Видеть takes accusative. Russian is generally very very consistent about direct-objects requiring accusative (whereas other language almost randomly throw dative in there). The only time something that looks like it ought to be accusative will come out as genitive is with certain verbs of "wish" like "желаю счастья"

    Here's a great place to work out the cases:
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    Спасибо очень большое (not sure that's proper "Russian" but I hope you know what I mean!!
    Been trying to get my head around participles (first time I'd come across them - oh boy!) and had the sentence
    Я знаю женщиню, читающую газету - perfectly happy with that - participle agrees in number, gender and case with noun it refers to - so far so good
    then ... Можно видеть женщин, работающих на строике - so that was where the confusion started - it was either that видеть took the genitive (which would have really set me back 'cos I thought I had got my head around direct objects) - or... animate feminine nouns in the plural took the gentive - and yet my grammar book just says "the second alternative form for the masculine and plural accusatives is to be used with animate nouns" - which is a tad ambiguous I thought - hence the need for clarification - so thank you very much - I'm not as far off course as I was beginning to think I was and will get back to it tomorrow. Спасибо
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