The database contains information on 1,426 imperfective verbs in Russian that form aspectual pairs via prefixation (there are 1,981 prefixed perfective partner verbs, because of the fact that many base verbs combine with multiple prefixes).

This list is an aggregation of entries found in
Malyj Akademicheskij Slovar' (Evgen'eva, A. P., ed. 1999. Moscow: Russkij jazyk),
Slovar' russkogo jazyka (Ozhegov, S. I. and N. Ju. Shvedova. 2001. Moscow: Russkij jazyk), and
Cubberly (Cubberly, Paul V. 1982. "On the 'empty' prefixes in Russian." Russian Language Journal 36: 14-30).

This database cites the verbs, their aspect, the prefixes that they use to form aspectual pairs, variation in prefixes, the morphological and semantic classes of the verbs, their frequency, the definitions of the verbs, and which of the three sources they are listed in. All of these terms can be used for searches.

Exploring Emptiness: Russian Aspectual Prefixes