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Thread: Accusative case

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    Accusative case

    I am studying the Schaum's Outline of Russian Grammar. If any of you have it I am working on page 40. Anyway no matter.
    My question is referring to the nouns : литература история математика
    The exercise wants us to put these in accusative case. It will give us these nouns and then a sentence which we are supposed
    to complete. My question is that why is it that the author gives литературу историч математику for the
    accusative cases of these nouns. They are inanimate so I thought there is no change.I will give you the sentences which they are
    corresponding to respectively: In fact I'll give the exact exercise for clarity.

    Put the noun into the correct case form:

    1. литература: Мы изучаем ________________
    2. история: Он любит __________________
    3. математика: Саша плохо знает __________


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    Re: Accusative case

    because they end in 'A', Я and (with female acc. case) this will always apply, regardless.
    the rule concerning inanimate and animate only crops up when it's a male or neuter noun in the acc. case

    я люблю девушку
    я люблю историю


    я люблю телевизор
    я люблю поэтов
    Не откладывай на завтра того, с кем можешь переспать сегодня

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