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Thread: Степень милоты сегодня зашкаливает

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    Степень милоты сегодня зашкаливает

    My Russian friend posted on VK a photo of rabbit and said:
    Степень милоты сегодня зашкаливает

    What does it all mean? Especially милоты, which I cannot find in dictionary.

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    милота́ ‘cuteness, niceness’ is a colloquial noun from the adjective ми́лый ‘cute, nice, sweet, kawaii’.
    сте́пень (nom sg) милоты́ (gen sg) ‘degree of cuteness’
    зашка́ливает (impf pres 3 sg) (inf: зашка́ливать) ‘go off-scale’, ‘exceed the limit’

    Сте́пень милоты́ сего́дня зашка́ливает. ‘The degree of cuteness exceeds the limits today’, ‘The cute-o-meter returns an off-scale reading today’, something like that.
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    I second Soft sign here. I'd use the idiom "off the charts" for зашкаливает in this case though.

    The cuteness level is off the charts for today.

    A few authentic examples around the internet:

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