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Thread: ссорить и спорить

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    ссорить и спорить

    What is the practical diffence between these words (please provide examples). In the dictionary it says for both "quarrel, dispute".

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    ссориться - quarrel; fall out; altercate

    спорить -
    1) (о , против; возражать кому-л) argue (about, against), dispute (about, against), have an argument (about, against); (с ) argue (with), dispute (with)
    2) (дискутировать) debate, discuss
    3) dispute () спорить о наследстве — dispute a legacy
    4) (на ; заключать пари) bet () спорить на сто рублей — bet a hundred roubles
    5) (с ; вступать в состязание) contend (with)

    Basically ссориться с кем-то means to get into/to proceed with bad relations with someone.
    Спорить (1) о чём-то - to discuss something from the different positions.
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    It only makes sense to compare "ссориться" and "спорить" because "ссорить" is a transitive verb. "Ссориться" means "to quarrel, to disagree", in general. "Спорить" is "to dispute" some specific questions trying to defend your point of view and disprove an opponent's POV.
    "Они с девушкой постоянно ссорятся"
    "Мы спорили всю ночь. Так ни к чему и не пришли"

    "Ссорить" is a transitive verb which means "to make some people quarrel with each other" (you need to specify these people as an object of a sentence). It is good to know... but as for a learner - this verb isn't you highest priority.
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