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Thread: Почему инструментальный падеж на этой сентенции?

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    Почему инструментальный падеж на этой сентенции?

    Самым существенным отступлением пушкинских сказок от типа народной сказки была стихотворная форма.

    I am not sure why "самым существенным отступлением" is in the instrumental case. If the translation is something like:

    "The most significant deviation from typical folk tales in Pushkin's stories was in poetic form."

    This is not a direct translation but I think that is the best I can do without it sounding awkward in English. I did notice that "стихотворная форма" is in the nominative, so I tried to place it near the beginning of the English translation, thinking that might shake loose something in my mind that would explain the instrumental case:

    "Pushkin's stories' poetic form was their most significant deviation from typical folk tales."

    But I am still at a loss. I feel like I get the general meaning, I am just not sure why, technically speaking, the instrumental is being used. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    The latter translation is valid. Instrumental is in use, because ... it is the rule!

    Subj. was smth/smb-in-Instrumental
    Subj. will become smth/smb-in-Instrumental

    Идея позавтракать в кафетерии была ошибкой.
    Скоро Алексей станет звездой биатлона.
    Кот был большим проказником.
    Кто был ничем, тот станет всем.
    "Невозможно передать смысл иностранной фразы, не разрушив при этом её первоначальную структуру."

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    Don't start with the word order (since it's free in Russian); first identify the predication.
    You are always welcome here:

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