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Thread: Погода для занятых

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    Погода для занятых

    On a weather website, I saw a menu like this:

    Краткий прогноз погоды
    Почасовой прогноз погоды
    Погода на 2 недели
    Погода на месяц
    Геомагнитная обстановка
    Погода по-старому
    Погода для занятых
    Дневник погоды

    I wonder what Погода для занятых means, does it really mean "Weather for busy people"?

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    Well, it does, but in a sense. If you're busy you don't have time to waste, so supposedly, the meteo-info is presented in such a way that you can just quickly eyeball it and learn everything you wanted to know. No need to sift through multipe menus to find something, no excessive pictures or illustrations that'll make it look more refined, aesthetic or even more informative but in turn will make you spend more time trying to soak in all the info.

    I also checked out this menu and all you get is just a simple table containing a wheather forecast for the next three days.
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