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Thread: На мой взгляд, нет ничего́ лу́чше друзе́й.

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    На мой взгляд, нет ничего́ лу́чше друзе́й.

    In this sentence, why is на мой взгляд not in the prepositional case? Thanks!!

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    Prepositions that denote a location commonly have two possible forms for the object:
    На + prepositional = on _____
    На + accusative = onto _____ ,

    in general, if the object is stationary on something, you use prepositional, if it is moving onto, then the accusative is used.

    Also, other prepositions, such as под, use the same concept but with (instrumental vs. accusative)
    под + instrumental = (located) under
    под + accusative = (into) under

    That being said, на + accusative is a very loaded combination. Apart from simply meaning "onto smthng.", на+acc. is used for wide, various other meanings, like "for ____" (in certain situtations)----- It's unlike pretty much any use in English, so you'll need to see tons of examples for its use and meaning to really take form.

    In this case, it happens to equate to English "In my opinion", or "по-моему".
    "В тёмные времена хорошо видно светлых людей."
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