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Thread: лежать or ложиться

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    лежать or ложиться

    Can someone please tell me when to use лежать versus ложиться? I understand that ложиться is reflexive but I need a clearer understanding of the difference between the two verbs. Perhaps an example or maybe a comparison to English usage. Thanks.

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    Re: лежать or ложиться

    It's like this (more or less):
    лежать ~ to lie
    ложиться ~ to lie down

    Она лежит на земле - She is lying on the ground. (the process of lying - she's already on the ground)
    Она ложится на землю - She is lying down on the ground. (the action of getting into horisontal position )

    But be aware that many Russian expressions with "лежать" and "ложиться" require different verbs in English (not "to lie").

    ложиться в больницу — go to the hospital (meaning that you stay there for some time as a patient)
    вина за это лежит на вас — you are to blame for it
    я поздно ложусь - I sit up late

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