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Thread: какие, который and кто/что

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    какие, который and кто/что

    I was reading the following expression:
    "Осенью горные леса выглядят так, как будто в них собрано все золото и медь, какие есть на земле"
    My translation will be:
    "During autumn the mountain forest look as if in them is collected all the gold and copper, that exists in the land".
    In many previous posts we have done a big discussion of whether to use который or кто/что as местоимение.
    Какой based on my understanding should be used only when there is question ("Какая страна самая агрессивная в регионе?")or in expressions suchs as: "какие-то девушки приехали к нам".
    So again based on my understanding the expression above it should be used которыe in the place of какие. What I am missing?
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    "Которые" is preferrable for the contemporary literary regular language in such situation. "Что" is also OK there. "какие" is not OK here nowadays, but it was OK some time before, when literary Russian language was younger and more free. So now it gives sentence a flavor of "high style" - romantic, poetic, expressive, old-style etc.
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    Ещё немного местоимений:

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