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Thread: дернинки

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    I was reading the article and encountered the following sentence:

    Это лекарственное, но оттого не менее красивое растение с резной зеленью образует плотные дернинки, на которых словно пуговки светятся мелкие желтые цветки в верхушечных соцветиях.

    The sentence makes good sense except the word дернинки is unfamiliar. The closest I could get to a definition for the word is sod, however that doesn't work in this context. By extension it would make sense that an alternative translation would be groundcover. The use of зеленью a couple words before it also supports this interpretation.

    Does anyone have a solid definition for дернинки?

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    It's a mangled dimunitive of дёрн "greensward"
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