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Thread: Демшиза

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    Hello everyone!

    Could someone tell me whether the word "демшиза" is often used. For example, could someone use it when talking about Navalny/Udaltsov etc...?

    Big spasibo zaranee!

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    Paul G.
    Демшиза = democratic + schizophrenic
    Демшизоид = a person belonging to "демшиза".

    It's a slangy word using when you need to describe the point of a person who sequentially disregards common sense and logic for the sake of "democratic freedoms", "democratic values", "political correctness" and so on. One may consider this behavior as a mental problem.
    So, "демшиза" is 1) a group of radical fanatics (a bit anarchistic and "religious looking" liberals), 2) a special "state of mind" or "ideology" or 3) your judgement (as a characteristic) about some political facts, opinions, statements etc.

    Answering your question,
    Since this is a slangy word, you hardly hear it from officials and politicians. But some experts may use it as a "spicy" word. Ordinary people use it a lot, especially in the internet.

    As to Navalny/Udaltsov, I can't say they belong to "демшиза", but we may say (if we see it) "это демшиза" in relation to their actions, opinions, statements etc ( meaning number 3, see above).
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    спасибо огромное, Паша, добрый мой приятель!

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