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Thread: Я хочу сказать по-русски, 'I created an email address'

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    Я хочу сказать по-русски, 'I created an email address'

    Я хочу сказать по-русски, "I created an email address". Я думаю, что это,"Я создал адрес электронной почты" - Это правильно?

    My reasoning is that
    (1) 'создать' is a transitive verb and the object 'address' must therefore be in the accusative - In this case (m) therefore same as nominative.
    (2) Both 'electronic' and 'mail' must then be in the genitive - address of email.

    Am I making any sense, or am I barking up the wrong tree?


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    Майк, твоя фраза построена абсолютно верно!

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    Your phrase is correct. You might also want to say "открыл" (opened) instead of "создал". It tends to have the same meaning.
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    I was asking myself what way I would use if I wanted to tell somebody that I created an email address. I think it would be the following:
    Я сделала (завела) себе электронный адрес. But it must be colloquial. Yes, and even "электронный" may be omitted in context.
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