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Thread: What does this mean? Вас заселят по заявке....

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    What does this mean? Вас заселят по заявке....

    Вас заселят по заявке. Путевку Вам выпишут после зачисления денег на наш счет и отправят на факс в санаторий.
    It's about my super-complicated booking for a sanatorium.

    Context: There was some misunderstanding about the payment, and I paid via international money transfer which was fastest for me, whereas the booking service expected a payment via a local bank (which I didn't do because I suspected it might be too complicated and take too long.)

    After that, there was some confusion on whether I could or couldn't go the to sanatorium. Since I had transferred a fairly substantial sum of money and the trip starts Saturday, I called Andrei the guide - he called them and said that all is fine, I can go tomorrow. I just don't understand the message I recieved.

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    They say that: You'll be given a room by an application (what sort of application, to whom and who must apply? it will be your quest to find it out ). There is nothing about it. Also they say that your voucher will be sent by fax to a hotel were you'll live after money were transferred. As I understood - you can move to the sanatorium in a pointed time then write there some application, then to rest and to think about nothing. ) And by the way to hope that money will find the right way to the sanatoriums bank account. I wish you good luck and have a nice trip!

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    Thank you once again White KNIGHT!

    I have no idea what goes on at a sanatorium...
    I am about to find out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSBC Bank staff member in the UK, on the phone
    Belarus, where is that? Africa?
    And when I said it wasn't, then she assumed it was in the EU and wasted 5 minutes looking for EU transfer codes.

    Personally I was a bit surprised about 10 years ago, when I happened to spot an unfamiliar country on an English map, next to Poland. I did not recognise the name..... But I quickly realised it was the country I knew as White Russia, so mystery solved... But I was not completely up to date with the exact geography.

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    Belarus, where is that? Africa?
    I can't believe that such a retarded people allowed to work in international-related areas in UK.
    Please, correct my mistakes, except for the cases I misspell something on purpose!

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