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Thread: Is this translation wrong ?

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    Is this translation wrong ?

    Да! Теперь — решено. Без возврата
    Я покинул родные поля.
    Уж не будут листвою крылатой
    Надо мною звенеть тополя.

    I've found the way, burned the bridges
    And forsaken my native fields.
    I won't see how a poplar pitches
    Its winged stars allover the hills.

    The first two lines seem OK to me, but what would be a correct translation of the two others ?

    Thanks !

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    What the translation is made for?

    Yesenin is emotions, first of all.
    So emotionally the translation might be valid.
    It wouldn't be recognized though.

    Literal (technical) translation would be:

    Yes! It's decided.
    I've left my home fields never to came back.
    Poplars won't be singing(ringing) above with their winged leafage.

    What do you prefer: emotions or the meaning of words?
    Send me a PM if you need me.

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