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Thread: Old Russian Imperial Cross -Meaning of symbols, words help

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    Old Russian Imperial Cross -Meaning of symbols, words help

    I have an old Russian cross made of 14k imperial gold with 56 on it. I believe it was made about 1870 to 1890. Can you help me translate the symobls on it. Under the cross it says KO and then TP. On the left of the cross it says IG or IC and on the right of the cross xG or XC. Under the foot of the cross are the letter KE next to a 56. On the top are some letters I am not sure about but thank thay are U a Pb and undernea that is caBvI. Can anyone tell me what the symbols mean?

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    It's very hard if you don't know the cyrillic letters, but I think the "IC" and "XC" stand for Jesus Christ.
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    I'm sure that if you could post a picture someone could help you out straight away.

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