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Thread: Na more kachka??!

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    Na more kachka??!

    A girl I know said "na more kachka' repeatedly, can any Russian master translate this for me please?

    I think it's a joke/borderline sexual joke.

    Thank you in advance!

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    It must be related to song "Морячка" (Sailor woman), which has refrain:
    А когда на море качка,
    И бушует ураган,
    Приходи ко мне морячка,
    Я тебе любовь отдам.
    When sea is rolling
    And hurricane storms
    Come to me, sailor woman,
    I will give you love.
    "kachka" is process of swinging and pitching of ship during storm or intense waves. "na more kachka"="there is kachka on the sea" (sea is rolling). It can be associated with movement of the bed during sex.

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