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Thread: MTV Shows

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    MTV Shows

    Hi, I don't use the forum often but you guys have always helped out when I needed it.

    I'm writing an article on Irena Ponaroshku. On the MTV web site it says:

    За дальнейшей судьбой Понарошку вы могли следить в программах «Дуракаваляние», «Тотальное шоу», «Сводный чарт» и «Ночной флирт».

    Can someone please provide a good translation for these show names? The second seems to be "Total Show", the third "Combined Chart", and the last "Night(time) Flirt". I assume the first has something to do with "Дурак" or "Дурака", a fool, but can't figure out the rest.

    As an aside - does anyone know if these are current shows? Also - does anyone know what year she was born (and provide a source)?


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    Дуракаваляние - от выражения "валять дурака" - to fool around, to goof around
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    Сводный чарт would be like the chart roundup (of the latest top 10, 20 etc)
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