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Thread: help with translation

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    help with translation

    "cmerch chinofnika"actually this is a short story of chekhof.I have its
    summary in english which i have to present in russian.i will be greatful if anybody would give me some help on this topic.the summary of the story is as follows
    A clerk is watching a play in theatre.He is very happy and feeling
    himself on the seventh heaven, suddenly he chikhnul(apkshi). He recognises that the person sitting on his front is an officer of high rank,
    but from other department.He appologises for his mistake.the officer does not notices it,but the clerk think that he is angry.In intervel again he beg for excuse.Again & again he appologises at last officer become very angry and shouted vigrously on this moment clerk feels that something has pierced his heart. He come back home and dies.
    This is the summary of story.i have to present the theme of story.about whom the story is written and what writer want to express through this story?

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    Re: help with translation

    This history about the "small" (deprived of civil rights) person who is afraid of anger of higher people.
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    I have a translation called 'Death of an Official'. Very funny. Same theme as 'Tolstyj i tonkij' (the Plump and the Thin): extreme bootlicking, as was common in tsarist Russia. It isn't 'about' a single person, it's about a phenomenon.
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