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Thread: "fake" compliments (suck)

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    "fake" compliments (suck)

    When some people want something from someone (i.e. money, raise, attention) they start say "fake" compliments and adopt a very submissive behavior.
    In Greek we say: He suck him in order to achieve what he wants.
    By the way suck here does not have in Greek the erotic meaning of the word.

    ρουφιανος δημοσι&#959.jpg

    In Russia do you use this expression or any other expression?
    Чем больше слов, тем меньше они стоят.

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    In Russian, you could use the verb "лизать" with roughly the same meaning, like this:

    "Он подлизал боссу чтобы подняться по карьерной лестнице."

    By the way, in English, we use the verb "suck" too, similarly with little to no erotic meaning at all. I can't resist quoting this brilliant saying,

    The army is like a joint - the more you suck, the higher you get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric C. View Post
    In Russian, you could use the verb "лизать" with roughly the same meaning, like this: ...
    Чаще можно было услышать глагол "подлизываться". Лизать... - очень грубо.

    подлизываться (синонимы к подлизываться, подлизываться синонимы)

    Симпатичное слово подольститься.

    Есть у Дольского:

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    Eh, "suck" alone is pretty erotic to me. Maybe I'm just immature. "to suck up" is sort of the main verb here. "He's sucking up to his boss."
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    Just be careful with that stuff.

    1. "Подлизываться" - is ok word, which stands for "to flatter"
    подлизываться — Викисловарь

    2. "Лизать зад" - rude, but commonly used by russians (to lick someones anus; perform any dirty work, to overstep over own pride in order to get close to someone or some possibilities).

    Same root, different "power".
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    Currently unavailable to me because of Internet restriction policy, but should be Ok for others:
    "Невозможно передать смысл иностранной фразы, не разрушив при этом её первоначальную структуру."

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