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Thread: Decimal numbers in Russian speech

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    Decimal numbers in Russian speech

    How would you say the following numbers in Russian speech?


    I speak Russian quite well, but I am a bit lost. I think I would say for example, "sem' i tri" "vosem' i vosem'desyat' pyat'" - but I don't know if this is strictly correct. There is also the possibility of using "sem' i tri desyatih" or "vosem' vosem' desyat' sotyh" for example... I hear this on sports telecasts, but I don't know if people actually say this in regular speech.

    And for the last two I have no idea..

    Can you help me?

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    Re: Decimal numbers in Russian speech

    In everyday speech I'd definetely say just:
    Семь и три
    Восемь восимьсь пять (yes, восимьсь means восемьдесят )
    Ноль шестьсот пятьдесят девять (пьсят девять, I'd pronounce)
    Три (и) ноль пять шестьдесят три (I don't know why so; of course you can also say "и ноль пятьсот шестьдесят три" - I think it's even better - or maybe something else)

    They all are correct in everyday speech and maybe in some other cases. Although the "formal" way to say it is:
    Семь целых три десятых (or Семь и три десятых)
    Восемь целых (и) восемьдесят пять сотых
    Ноль целых шестьсот пятьдесят девять тысячных (I think the и is no needed here)
    Три целых (и) .... hm... here, I don't know!

    P.S. maybe "и пятьсот шестьдесят три десятитысячных"?.. But it sounds really weird!
    In Russian, all nationalities and their corresponding languages start with a lower-case letter.

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    Re: Decimal numbers in Russian speech

    Quote Originally Posted by Оля
    P.S. maybe "и пятьсот шестьдесят три десятитысячных"?.. But it sounds really weird!
    Ну почему странно? Вполне нормально.

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