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    How is this translated?

    Любовь дарит то...
    Кто может любить без ответа.
    Любовь как душа живёт в человеке.
    Любовь - это то, что ни купишь в аптеке.

    Love gives that...
    Who can love without an answer.
    Love's like the soul, it lives in a human.
    Love is that, ????

    Can someone help me with my translation????
    В эту ночь все огни погасли в Джорджии
    В эту ночь невиновного человека повесили
    Не доверяй тайну никакому деревенщине-адвокату
    Ведь руки городского судьи в крови

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    The first line doesn't make sense to me.
    It's actually "Loves gives something that..."'s like there should be one more word there. cause "Love gives that" would be "Любовь дарит это".
    "Who can love without an answer"...without the answer here means without having someone love you back. But the grammar construction doesn't make sense to me it a question? or what? Hard to say.
    The third line is "Love lives in a human like a soul" but your translation is ok too.
    The last line - "Love is something that you can't buy in a drugstore". Although there's supposed to be "не" instead of "ни".
    Hope I've helped

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