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    Алла Пугачева


    Now that I have my iPod, I've started listening more intensively to my Russian songs again on the way to and back from work. I've got songs from Тату, Булат Окуджава, Борис Гребеншиков and Алла Пугачева which I all enjoy.

    I've been looking on the Internet for English translation of Алла Пугачева's songs but so far nothing, rien, nada, ничего! I'm using computer translations but they really don't do the job. Does anyone know where I could find translations or her songs? In French would do fine too.

    Thanks. If not, I might show up on this forum more regularly with a few translation requests. Пока!

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    I found a couple here: ... yrics.html

    But you are better off translating them yourself and asking us for help
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    Try this site.
    I donated a couple of song translations to this site, although not Alla Pugacheva (so you can thank God for that )
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