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Thread: Обама в России

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    Обама в России

    Someone in my family wants to get an idea of how the American president is being received in Russia and how he is regarded there. This is a rather vague and general question I know, but since she wanted to know what (some) Russians were thinking this is the only place that came to mind where I could ask this question.

    When I was reading Izvestia last year during the campaign I remember them quoting experts saying that Mc Cain would be better for Russia to deal with. Better the devil you know, they said. I also notice that "Obama antichrist " comes up when you google his name in Russian. So can any native Russians enlighten me on this topic? There is only so much you can learn without actually being in the country.
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    Re: Обама в России

    Follow this link:
    Send me a PM if you need me.

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