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Thread: Например or better н.п.

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    Например or better н.п.

    Dear friends good afternoon.
    Long time not seen.

    I'm learning Russian as you know for more than 7 years. For me the most effective way to learn a word is to write it down. Believe me I wrote more than 25000 words in the last years. Always when I have to learn a word without a specific analogue in the English or the Greak language I provide on the line below an example by writing например... Based on simple statistics I can infer that I wrote the word например about 10000 times. Guys lets convice the russian academia to adopt the н.п. as in the case of e.g. in the English language in order to avoid redudant writing. I am sure that Russian textbooks are excessively filled with the word например. The structure н.п. I do not thing is so sinful since на is a preposition and I could be separated.

    Just a thought from an economist suffering from chronic tendonitis from writing!

    Чем больше слов, тем меньше они стоят.

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    Hello Antonio!

    Serious approach !

    Словарь Вильяма Шекспира, по подсчету исследователей, составляет 12 000 слов. Словарь негра из людоедского племени «Мумбо-Юмбо» составляет 300 слов.
    Эллочка Щукина легко и свободно обходилась тридцатью.

    Not sure academia will help. As I understand they are still recovering after giving us an allowance to decline "кофе" as neuter.
    Utilize z.B.!
    "Невозможно передать смысл иностранной фразы, не разрушив при этом её первоначальную структуру."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antonio1986 View Post
    Greak language
    That's a spelling mistake. Should be "Greek."

    I like например, I guess it is really not a long word. Yeah, I guess you could shorten it.

    i.e. and e.g. are both Latin abbreviations. E.g. stands for exempli gratia and means “for example.” I.e. is the abbreviation for id est and means “in other words.”

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    Например is commonly abbreviated as напр. or sometimes нпр.
    Please correct my English

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