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Thread: МГУ-Moscow State University (alumni on this board?)

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    МГУ-Moscow State University (alumni on this board?)

    I am very interested in directly applying and attending Moscow State University and the Foriegn Language Center, however it will be more benficial to me if I had some physical paperwork instead of applying online. Does the University have paperwork for foriegn students in English or would the usual paperwork be sufficient? I tried contacting the officies several times but none of my e-mails were returned.

    If there are any foriegn alumni here are a few questions:
    1. How did you apply?
    2. Were you accepted? (it's all about money, right?)
    3. You were fluent when you arrive or did you do a preperation year?
    4. When learning the language did you also take other classes or did you have to wait until you were fluent?
    5. Where did you stay?
    6. Did you attend the foriegn language center?

    Could anyone help me out?
    Thank you!


    Я очень интересуюсь прямым заявлением и становлением студентом Московского государственного университета и Языкового Центра, однако это будет лучше ко мне, если я имел некоторые физические документы вместо, были применены онлайн. Университет имеет документы для foriegn студентов на английском языке, или обычные документы были бы достаточными? Я пробовал связаться с ними несколько раз, но любое из моих электронных писем не было возвращено.


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    its compulsary for all forign students to take a 1-half year pre-university course, after that you have to pass an exam and then if you are lucky you may get a place in the forign language faculity. the faculity is small and only gives about 10 places for forign students to study (you will have lots of chinese competition). try this site:, they will at least answer you e-mails
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