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Thread: You are no longer an undesirable... Let's ROCK this vote!

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    You are no longer an undesirable... Let's ROCK this vote!

    How many times on THIS forum have you clicked a link only to find out that YOU are not a "desirable" person and can't watch a video or access the stupid site? Well not this time!

    The school system where I get all of my information for answering questions about education on this forum is having a "Best of the Web" contest and they are nice enough to let ANYONE vote no matter where you live!! You don't need to give any personal information. No email address, no date of birth, NOTHING.

    So, click on this link!

    Once there...

    Scroll down to
    Best Middle School Web Site

    Name of middle school web site (1 of 2)
    enter: Loiederman

    Site URL (1 of 2)

    Comment (optional)
    leave blank!

    Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Submit your responses" button

    You are done and have also done your good deed of the day, week, month, year... it all depends upon how good of a person you are!
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    Re: You are no longer an undesirable... Let's ROCK this vote

    Yes, it hasn’t rejected my vote. The world must be changing.

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