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Thread: Watch & Listen: Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World

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    Watch & Listen: Johnnie Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World

    So this will, help with people's English skills, let you listen to a true Scott and learn the history of Johnny Walker... all while watching "the longest tracking shot in advertising history." Hope that you enjoy.

    This is about as cool as it gets when telling the history behind your brand. Johnnie Walker and BBH London got Scottish actor Robert Carlisle to narrate the story while walking through the misty Scottish highlands. Shot in one continuos take (#40 to be exact) this really shows off the acting chops that Carlisle possesses as he delivers the 5 minute+ bit while interacting with various props along the way (my favorite is when he gets a drink). Jamie Rafn was the director.

    To convey the relentless spirit of the men who created, arguably, the world’s first global brand, we decided to create the longest tracking shot in advertising history. The film was deliberately constructed to make it impossible to hide any invisible cuts. Risky stuff. We also decided very early on that only Robert Carlyle had the skill and charisma to tell this story. As the light failed on the second day of shooting, with only 1½ useable takes in the can, the incredible Mr Carlyle nailed it on his 40th and last attempt.
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    His Scottish accent is not so strong.


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    It's easier to pronounce, I think, than English or American accents.

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