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Thread: Victory Parade on Red Square

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    Victory Parade on Red Square

    MOSCOW, May 9 Military Parade commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory has been conducted on Red Square. After the Russian President, Vladimir Putin's speech the national anthem of Russia was played. It was accompanied by 11 salute salvoes made by guns from the Great Patriotic War period. A company of drummers from the Moscow military music school opened the military parade, followed by banner groups carrying the Russian State Flag, the Victory Banner and the Banner of the Russian Armed Forces.

    A banner company carrying the Combat Banners of 60 units and formations that distinguished themselves during the war opened the historical part of the parade.

    It was followed by an infantry company, an armor company, a Navy company, and a cavalry squadron wearing Great Patriotic War uniforms and carrying wartime weapons.

    Two thousand and 600 veterans were driven along Red Square in 130 remakes of wartime automobiles specifically manufactured for the occasion at the ZIL car plant. Combat Banners of 10 Red Army Fronts were set up on the cars.

    The march of military units during the historical part of the parade was accompanied by wartime music and frontline songs.

    Cadets of military schools and academies, veterans of Afghan and Chechen wars participated in the modern part of the parade.

    In addition, 12 Russian Air Force combat planes flew over Red Square in a specific formation. At the beginning, nine planes (five Su-27 from the Russian Vityaz aerobatics group and four MiG-29 from the Strizhi aerobatics group) flew in a tight formation.

    They were followed with 30-second interval by three Su-25 aircraft.

    The sky above Red Square lightened with colors of the Russian National Flag - the three planes left white, blue and red smoke trails.

    At the conclusion of the parade, the combined orchestra of the Moscow Garrison performed the Victory Day song and marched solemnly along Red Square.

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    My husband called and told me that all of the church bells in Moscow were ringing just like 60 years ago! Then he said the city was having a big fireworks salute at 10pm.
    Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

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