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Thread: Trying to attack Rice from US

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    Trying to attack Rice from US

    Haha, have you heard about the Russian bomb threat on Rice while she was there telling Putin to "let go your power after presidency"? You Russians are so crazy.

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    ? No, I think you're crazy.

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    Yes, I think you've been bamboozled. I can find nothing on the BBC or in Google about this "bomb threat."

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    I saw an article on this on bbc glavnaya page earlier today, havent checked whether or not it is still there.

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    He is not completely off the mark. There was a bomb threat against the hotel Rice was staying at.

    "After an overnight flight from Washington, Rice and her party touched down on a cool, rainy afternoon for a 24-hour visit. They were scheduled to go immediately from the airport to their hotel but a bomb threat forced a detour. After a two-hour search, the authorities concluded there was no danger."

    No big news, so no headline
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    BTW, did anybody read about Rice's visit to "Ekho Moskvy"?
    What an outstanding embarrasment!, ... _2,00.html

    Dr Rice, a former Soviet specialist, faced another awkward moment when she tried to switch to Russian during the Ekho Moskvy interview. Asked whether she might run for President, she answered, in Russian, “Da (Yes),” before realising her mistake and hastily adding “Nyet (No)” seven times.

    When a schoolgirl listener asked how she had achieved her success, Dr Rice tried to answer in Russian, but soon faltered.

    “You understand that it will be very difficult because I am out of practice, and in your language there are these awful cases,” Dr Rice told the girl.

    “It’s very difficult for us, and it is very difficult to talk without making mistakes.”
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    I thought that this was funny about the Boulton nomination by Bush. It came out of Scorpio's "times on line" article.

    '''''''''Melody Townsel, a former aid worker, told the committee how a decade earlier an enraged Mr Bolton had pursued her through a hotel in Moscow, “throwing things at me, shoving threatening letters under my door and genuinely behaving like a madman”.

    She said: “I eventually retreated to my hotel room and stayed there. Mr Bolton then routinely visited me to pound on the door and shout threats.” '''''''''''''''
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