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Thread: Things Foreigners Like about Russia (+Ukraine and Belarus): What do you like?

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    Things Foreigners Like about Russia (+Ukraine and Belarus): What do you like?

    What do you like about Russia? (no politics, or long comments)
    Inspiration for students of Russian, and just for fun. Post a picture, or explain in writing.

    "Onion domes"
    are beautiful!

    Awesome and inspiring nature

    Folk music

    The beautiful letter:

    Ж (pretty, and fun to write...)
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    Hmm... 5 days and zero replies. That says it all.

    В общем, полная Ж...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SAn View Post
    Hmm... 5 days and zero replies. That says it all.

    В общем, полная Ж...
    Yes, it's quite surprising. Interesting observation. Surely there is something people like about Russia if they take up Russian language? Can't imagine it's only for career reasons. Nice to see you back in the forum though, SAn - I remember you from earlier. I don't know what "
    полная Ж" means

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanna View Post
    I don't know what "
    полная Ж" means
    That's an euphemism for (Lampada, forgive me ) полная жопа. Those words are used when everything is just bad to horrible
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    People are lazy, that's all.

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    How about open man-holes?

    Attachment 1012Attachment 1012D Pix 201.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    ok, on the spur of the moment, here are some points that have left a lasting (Russian) impression on my soul and memory...
    [and if you find those to be feeble, ridiculous and inadequate you are probably right]

    i like about Russia: (that is now besides many other things and in no logical order)

    * Lomonosov proving Robert Boyle wrong (long before we knew all about matter and atoms)

    * Onegin's refusal to take advantage of a young, innocent and loving Tatyana

    * Kutuzov's resolute defence at Borodino, but in particular of the Raevsky redoubt

    * The uncompromising and intellectual (besides brutal) style of advancing an ideology as so tragically described by Wolfgang Leonards "Die Revolution entlaesst ihre Kinder"

    * Lev Yashin's goal keeping heroics

    * Gregori Perelman solving the century old 'Poincare conjecture' but refusing to pick up the 1 Mio US$ price

    * 'Я спросил у Ясеня, где мая любимая...' just because someone (Russian) i liked played me that song...

    * Anna Akhmatova's account of the siege of Leningrad

    * "So weit die Fuesse tragen" (as far as my feet carry me) - telling of the huge sacrifieces and efforts people make to endure and overcome hardship (that guy walked from Magadan to Iran)

    * Pierre Bezukhov's courageous take on life and careless duel with Dolokov all in the name of defending a betraying Princess Helene...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDT View Post
    You fell into an open manhole in Russia, or what? Lol. Why are you grumpy about it....

    And it's better if they are just open, then they explode which is what happens here in Britain. (water+gases+old electricity wiring=explosion).

    But seriously; People who steal lids to manholes should be sent to darkest Siberia for a very long time, if you ask me. A child could fall in and die. There is no excuse.

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